Krin USA

Oil Processing, Filtration & Vacuum Systems, Custom Oil Tankers, Energized Dry-Out Systems, De-Gas & De-Watering Systems Designed to Support Oil Filled Power Transformers, Load Tap Changers, and Oil Circuit Breakers

The people of KRIN USA have been working in and manufacturing equipment for transformer oil since 1992.  KRIN USA brings deep expertise to both vacuum processes and filtering systems.

Our founder, Dennis Morgan, is well-known in the substation maintenance field as a systems designer, author (“Basic Principles of Vacuum Dehydration”. 2010), and applications expert.

The manufacturing facility is located in Ohio, and equipment from this facility has been shipped throughout the world.  KRIN USA specializes in engineering, designing and constructing oil processing systems of the highest quality intended for use in the field for 20 years or more.  Almost ALL of the transformer oil systems manufactured at the Ohio facility are still in service in the field.