Power Transformer Product and Services

Circuit Breakers, HV/MV Equipment Services, Instrument Transformers

Asset Health Monitoring, Control and Communications
(Transformers, Bushings, Bus Duct, and Breaker Monitoring)

Protective Relays, Generator/Synchronous Motor Protection, Excitation and Voltage Regulation System Protection

Liquid Filled Small Power Substation and Pad Mount Transformers, Pad Mount Switchgear, Dead Front Cable Terminations, Voltage Regulators, & Power Capacitors Banks

If you’re looking for a SF6 gas handling specialist that combines quality, innovation, and sustainability with excellent customer service.

Thermal Monitoring & Visual Imaging for Electrical Assets in Substations

Comprehensive Multi-Gas DGA Monitoring for Power Transformers

Power Quality Metering & Data Collection Software

Stationary Batteries, Mobile Backup Power Systems, Charging Systems and Industrial Rectifiers, and Power Room Tools, Racks, and Accessories

Oil Processing, Filtration & Vacuum Systems, Custom Oil Tankers, Energized Dry-Out Systems, De-Gas & De-Watering Systems Designed to Support Oil Filled Power Transformers, Load Tap Changers, and Oil Circuit Breakers

Leading material supplier and manufacturer of wire, cable, hardware, equipment and accessories

Steel Transmission Poles, Lattice Towers, & Substation H-Frames

Metal Enclosed, High Voltage Capacitor Banks, Reactors, Custom Switchgear, Specialty Enclosures, Prefabricated Substations, Transmission & Distribution Substation Turnkey Solutions

Relay Panels, Metal and Pre-Cast Control Buildings

Medium to low voltage dry-type transformers

Network, Submersible, Three Phase Power and Padmount Transformers

Market Leading solution for managing and interpreting test data. (DGA and TOA)

MV Metal Clad & Metal Enclosed Switchgear, Load Break Switches, Bus Duct, and Related Field Services