PASCOR Atlantic

Air Break Switches / Motor Operators

We are in the business of doing more. In everything we do, from the products we make and the services we provide to our people who stand behind them, we are passionate about continuous improvement and going well above and beyond anything standard. Our practice of doing more has a century-long history. And it is what propels us forward today and into tomorrow.

More comes through in our bulletproof products, in how we take care of customers, and in the customized service solutions we have the unique ability to provide. More is not something we do when we can, when we feel it is necessary, or when it is convenient. More is how we work every day.

Located in the beautiful mountains of southwest Virginia, the company was founded in 1910 as R&IE in Greensburg, PA. Pascor Atlantic is the Successor Company of some of the most recognized names in the electrical industry. R&IE, ITE, Gould, BBC and ABB each influenced the products, designs and operating philosophy. This impressive heritage provides the foundation for what is today Pascor Atlantic.

Company Timeline:

R&IE (1910-1947)

ITE (1947-1976)

GOULD (1976-1981)

BBC Brown Boveri (1981-1986)

ABB (1986-2000)

Pascor Atlantic (2000-Present)

Pascor Atlantic offers vertical break, double end break, and center break in ratings to 800kv and 5000 A to meet customer needs. A complete array of accessories, including motor operators, high-speed ground switches, auxiliary switches, arcing horns, whips, interlocks, and interrupters are available. Pascor Atlantic’s designs have been tested to ANSI and IEC standards and have completed extensive seismic testing. Pascor Atlantic is unique with over 90 years of service to the electrical industry and proven products to meet virtually every need.